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Fallout 76 The Real C.A.M.P. Pet, Lets Get One.

mikephillips3697: Bro that cup
peacemaker12892: The amount of stuff you carry triggers my ocd
grintag3271: Could you make a video to show how to tame a creature?
vyledust1: Not sure where that wolf went, but that was odd. If I tame something, I teleport back to the camp or just do other things. Escorting is "bad", because it can draw agro and die... but if you are not around, nothing will fight it.
Ghost_0o_o0_: Morning turtle and friends
user-cf3hz9pm9d: hahahahahahaha love that giant cup
MrJustin271990: What best way to get lendary cores
michaelblehbleh4832: Are these twitch stream? Or does youtube never tell me about lives?
305backup: THANK YOU! I've been trying to get a giant sloth, but everyone shows only general spawn locations for ll animals.

I want specifically the mega sloth, so this is great.
Ian-ie3hy: Using exploits on live stream?

May 29 2024

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