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Fallout 76: The Incredible Power of Food - Advanced Food Guide. Meat Eating Herbivore is a Thing ;)

user-gy5vw6wt8k: 0 viewers in 34 seconds. Bro is cooked
jasonpowley4913: I'd like to see a video about which perk cards are instant scrap, and maximising perk coins.
leonardwisniewski3418: I run Carnivore and love that Mirelurk steamer.
TheBl4ckSh33p: Still eating meat for the carry capacity.
genkigirl4859: To much work…I just eat all the crap that’s in my camp and hit the road lol
GabeHeron: Carnivore is the way to go, the food literally comes to you.
Diarmuhnd: Greet timing. I left 300 weight of cooked food in the donation box at the Tavern.
I blame Supere Duper and my ocd garbage collecting ways.
Poke-ladd: Now we need a Chem/Alcohol guide
FilthEffect: I still rely on hard lemonade as it never spoils. It only lasts 7 minutes, but that's enough time to do any event in the game. Sweet water blend and blight soup are great as well
UncleBalthasarGelt: I prefer carnivore for the easy utility/carry weight with the mirelurk steamer. Canned coffee is my ap regen on quick button.
josemartinez915: Been playing for years I didn’t know about the vender bot in white springs.

May 14 2024

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