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Fallout 76 The Biggest Update is Almost Here Heres All Thats Coming in June. Map Expansion.

hkrause6565: Keep adding new weapons etc but no increase to stash limit.
Momofukudoodoowindu: Hopefully not too soon! Gotta get to rank 150 in the current season! 10 levels away! So close!
rickylegendesq.514: I'd love for a nuke to trigger a Thrasher Titan around Thanksgiving time for a limited time event or boss.
Demons-ck6ng: They need to open the west side of the map it's huge over there
ShadowKingRecks: Look at all those chickens!
TheGoldenMan888: Fallout 76 literally has the best Fallout map period, so much to explore, so much unique stuff to see, its just great overall now.
donbran92: I know that is a stretch and probably wont happen, but since the map is going to expand to the south, there is a chance that the map will also expand to the west, to the other side of the Ohio River, there is still lots of room in that map.
D3monWo1f: Good Morning everyone. I can’t watch yet but please say UNION PA COMING BACK!!!!!
jpman9: They also officially changed the title of the game to “Fallout: Inventory Management”
DrinkingNukaDark: Bethesda always seems to mess something up aliens blaster, melee, and now they are givin eveeyone railways wont be suprised if they mess up commando next
shalimar_ch5501: I am sooooo excited - can’t wait

May 31 2024

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