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Fallout 76 The Best Farm For Low and High Levels Easy Scrip, Modules, Ammo and Much more!!

leecheezy4901: My game crashes 90 percent of the time I do them. In the Pitt and now in AC. Get to the last step and blue screen.
FocusDemon: All them other farmers can’t deny!!!!!
Salacious_Crumb: Ive been running expedition past day or so and went from lvl 43 to 230. I am no lifer tho but its insane xp and script
drackar: They're so much better now than when they were first introduced. Not having to do all those pointless, no reward quests to get in every time was a real game changer for the system.

That said, there's a VERY solid shot that loading zones/completing an expedition will freeze the game, so I don't do them that often.
rnorfor2002: yeah i do this for the fuel good video
norbertgarcia6184: What outfit are you wearing? It looks awesome.
BxBxProductions: oh man im gonna need someone to run them with
jonathanbrown3718: Here’s a tip if you want plasma cores/fusion cores, or ultracite plasma cores. Play through the expedition with a weapon that doesn’t use those, then after defeating the twins, switch to a weapon that does and complete it. I tried it with an ultracite Gatling plasma and get 4 cores each time.
guyknightley3499: ALSO a lot of people always wanna skip the side quests in them but I do them all bc the legendaries it gives are sometimes god rolls. I got a Q,50,-90 combat rifle out of one the other day.

Jun 08 2024

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