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Fallout 76: Small Patch Info and Huge Thank You for The Button

SkullW1zard7: Congratulations on the Button Turtle!
InfiniteKhaos: The visual effects fix has to be the bug with weapons shooting from random parts of the screen. Although that wasn't just visual, projectiles were actual coming from outside the screen, ended up hitting myself more then once because of it.
shawnbagwell3957: Congrats Turtle! You deserve it so much!
VgAce135: The weapon VFX improvements could be them fixing the weapon projectile bug since last update where it appeared that you were shooting from your left or right arm. And congratulations on the award Angry Turtle! You deserve it!
kawaiikitty3952: Congrats on the playbutton Turtle
lukecurtis1077: You deserve it, your enthusiasm and passion for this game is truly incredible. Amazing to see this.
brianrmc1963: About 50% of my weapons could not shoot straight. I wasn’t able to heal the Friendly Animals in Project Paradise. I hope they fixed that.
But more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! Thank you for making the game more fun to play.
mwmw844: Congrats to the Turtle and Turtle Army! You deserve it with all your hard work!!
Mr.bumski: Congratulations! I’m glad you were able to get it!
halliecat99alt: Congratulations Turtle! Thank you for everything you have done for the 76 community.
BryanRobledor: Congrats on the button Turtle, I'm so happy for you.

May 13 2024

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