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GyroZeppel: I really hope they are working on adding the ghoul’s revolver from the show to the game. The game needs a super powerful hand cannon like that badly.
V0LpaR: I just hope they bring back scoreboard
user-yl8uv6rw1d: The rip daring flag is currently available in season 16 score board.
manfredharenwall1213: Dang it... all I ever want is a Pet Rock and a Pulowski Preservation Shelter. That would be my camp... nothing else...
dazzmead007: Always happy for more pioneer scout stuff, hopefully i can get promoted to squirrel!
visualsiren89x: Specimen in the jar is called "blinky" and we seem to think its a baby snallygaster
CallMeElwis94: Really love those ammo stashes, as well as the meat chunks and knives axes in the walls. Really gives that hunter/survivalist feeling to it, like getting ready for the hunt.
That quiver backpack is so good too.
Johnathankillz: Day one player and haven't played since then. I came back last month it's literally like a completely different game actual NPCs etc etc I'm so glad
Krishnath.Dragon: Most of those items are kinda meh for me, but I do like those quivers and the scythe is friggin' cool as heck.
alexwalters35: I love the clutter like the ammo and board games. We need more of that so we don't have to rely on glitches to decorate. Now they just need to bring the ability to toggle snapping and collision on and off for everyone and add items rotation for placement as well.

May 21 2024

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