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Fallout 76 Season 17 New Tent, Resource Collectors and More. Sneak Peak.

PiroteusGaming: I so dislike the information from Bethesda about information... lost sever season rewards becaus they just ended it without any notice at all in game probably have to follow social media and that is just BS. For example I wanted to get a Month of first in the movie season for some of the probs... well that didn't work loged in new season started WTF! Probably becaus only Todd is working at betheda and everything is outsoruced now. He just sits there and glues all the assets together ( refearing to the Starfield credits)
gabrielbueno9806: I want the collectron so bad because he says "Wood, Wood never changes"
TheNuclearGamerr: It’s confirmed that one of the items the colectron will get will be sugar bombs. So awesome for brain bombs
daxidol1447: My main 'issue' with the 11th is that it would only be like 1.5-2 days of notice for people to use up all their tickets and that doesn't seem like long enough not to have a bunch of people (perhaps rightfully) complaining when they lose their tickets.
elizabethmclendon5474: I’m probably the minority here but really excited for the Pioneer Scout/summer camp theme. I already have one camp with this theme, and the new camp items will fit in perfectly.

A lot of these items would also fit into a science lab or old country store camp.
J.Squatch: Ngl kinda disappointed that it’s gonna be pioneer scout themed.
aaronlafountain6524: Pemmican Generator with the Mirelurk steamer is gonna be incredible for Carnivore users.
dtarr77: As excited as I am for the update and want it asap, I don't think it'll drop til the 24th. I think the Double SCORE weekend on the 20th is there for the end of this season to finish it up before the new one drops.
Zaudejis: Collectron talks about wood - Turtle: " WONDER WHAT IT COLLECTS?!"
jpfrydrych9871: If you’re saying the best tent has the most stuff than the best tent currently in the game is the gazebo. It has everything the enclave tent does plus an instrument.

Jun 07 2024

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