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Fallout 76 | RifleGaming's Bloodied Build - Best Perk Cards, Legendary Weapons, \Armor to Use

alienchick0009: just a tip! I use the Chemist backpack mod so you don’t have to put 2 perk cards into traveling pharmacy. it does the same thing as the traveling pharmacy, if not more. i believe it’s 90% weight reduction!
unbeardless: You should turn damage numbers on for these sorts of videos.
ChristopherHarrisM: thank you and every other fallout 76 content creator.. im a day 1 guy who recently came back after a long break.. so these videos are just in time for us returning and newbies who jumped on since the shows successful launch
muzicgr8: Dude I was just in your world about 30 min ago. I am MisteriousMonk, you were hanging out at Vault 76. Great Build and awesome video
sanguinephoenix5892: Bloodied weapons are great for damage but I use vampire's for survivability. And my bloodied radiation build has a carry weight limit of like 556 before becoming encumbered on a team. The intelligence one can get to 51 or 52 on a full team with not chems or food and drink buffs.
chineseassassn5661: I knew this was coming when you hopped off 76
hkrause6565: No need to craft ammunition when you're killing so easily. The amount you pick up from kills will far exceed what you're using. I only started playing FO76 recently and as a new player with weak guns I was emptying out magazines to get kills and ammo management was a pain constantly running out and so Ammo factory might have made sense. The reality is that you're not getting Ammo factory to rank 4 until you're well over level 100 and by then you should have OP guns and selling surplus ammo. It's a waste IMO. You could have maxed out those SPECIAL legendary perks by now instead.
drakelance7182: Not really beneficial as I run solo through everything
bray527: Shoutout to Rifle forever blessing us with banger videos and guides!
S17yCyber: Thank god you posted this, never did a build never stopped playing the game though, just made a new account on PlayStation and wanna see if I can try my first ever build

May 10 2024

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