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Fallout 76 Releasing a HUGE UPDATE...

Internetperson66: I’m so glad to finally be getting a good update. From the day I’ve started playing Fallout 76 I’ve never stopped and I’ve gotten really burned out from it.
runzumarun4925: I just wish they gave us more stash room
chuckcookus: The only impact betraying Foundation had was Ward constantly muttering about the detonators I didn't give him.
jessehansen10: Remember the skyline valley update is just a part 1. We won’t have the entire Shenandoah region yet. Hence why it’s called skyline valley.
thefifthbelfry92: Wow crazy to hear skyline drive in fallout. So weird to see home.
bigbizon6416: Hopefully they fix lots of bugs and glitches with the new update
TheonlyBW: Hopefully crossplay soon after
MSDGAMEZ: I guess nows a good time to start Fallout 76
cellmate9845: I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HOW THEY'VE DONE SKYLINE DRIVE!!! It's so beautiful in real life
abrohamlincoln2232: I wish they added more end game or quests instead of doing a battle royale for so long

May 31 2024

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