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Fallout 76 Random Encounters Injured Super Mutant fallout76 fo76 fallout

Fenris2: Should let us heal him and then have him as a new friend
Spyro21345: I ran into this encounter, and I noticed that all the dead ones were overlords, so how strong was the sheepsquatch that got them
Stupidengineer175: Is this new I don’t remember any random encounters with super mutants
gersoncalles4309: The Sole Mutant
tayvinpeshlakai4759: Don’t tell him about the sheepsquatch
saradavis407: The Sheep squach Wants West Virginia?
Ok If it Wants Appalachia It’s gone Have to Go through the Silver Excavator
jonathantalley6110: I thought this game was terrible but this doesn’t look bad

May 23 2024

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