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Fallout 76 PTS More Weapon Rebalancing, Good or Bad News?

meatmissle03: Why do they keep nerfing the good weapons instead of buffing the bad weapons?
Eternally_Ninja: Weapons NOBODY uses and for a good reason:
1)Bows and Crossbows.
2)Sniper rifles.
3)Classic melee/unarmed. (non automatic melee)
4)Shotguns outside of the Cold shoulder.
5)Pistols outside of the Alien blaster.
shawnbagwell3957: @AngryTurtle they said on discord they are aware of decreased damage in PA
JohnB-mo4kq: And poor shotguns still don't get a much needed buff :(
leonidaspereirafilho499: Haven't watched video yet but please buff pistols, please buff pistols, please buff pistols, I am begging you, please buff pistols
Approvedjoey117: All they gotta do is give turtle the keys to the balance castle and we’ll have a happy fanbase.
chachy3369: Why they nerfing my lazy build
theheatinferno8420: Its a nerf depending on what that hidden damage debuff is. I want a buff for Juggernaughts weapons.
Grim-HEX: I hope one day they buff berserker, since it really needs some love.
name_it: Honestly, to me, it looks really like a nerf. However, I noticed that electric dmg animation triggered more on the pts weapon, compared to the one in real game. Additionally, I think before power armour wasn't affecting the dmg output compared to unyielding armour ... and now it looks like there is a difference and a big one.... Thank you for showcasing. Let's wait and see.
archgaden: I can't imagine they'd want to overall buff automatic melee weapons, which were already quite powerful. From the sound of it, chainsaw is taking a heavy nerf while auto-axe is maybe about the same, but it's just one of those things that will need a lot of testing. I really wish they'd focus re-balancing on improving the vast swath of weapons that should be potent, but aren't. All the weapons gated behind rep, seasons, questing, ect should be made useful, particularly those in weapon classes that don't have much play. Things like the gauss and crusader pistol, glaive, etc should be powered up. There's also several interesting and somewhat uncommon weapons that should be made useful... things like the assaultron head and lever action. Non-automatic melee, pistols, rifleman, and archery are all in dire need of something to use. Shotguns are barely hanging on thanks to Cold Shoulder, but Gauss Shotgun has eaten too many nerfs and could use some love again. Probably the only weapon in dire need of a nerf right now is the railway rifle, but it could also use some love at the same time given how unusable it is outside of VATs... perhaps changes to make it less suitable for VATs (higher AP cost?) and commando (lower fire rate?), while leveraging it more as a rifleman weapon (base damage boost for non-automatic), pared with a dramatic reduction in recoil to make it useful outside of VATs.

As long as they don't touch cremator (except maybe for multi-stacking bug) and Cold Shoulder, I'll be happy enough, as those are my favorites. I used to run around with a Q/25/25 railway, but I've shelved that after getting bored with it and wanting to avoid relying on it too much... it's standing so tall a nerf seems inevitable, but then again, we had OP legacies for years before anything was done about it. Railway isn't egregious anyway compared to the kind of OP super weapons we've had available at most stages of the game (early TSE shotguns, legacies, magic weapons, NW weapons leaking into main, hacked weapons on PC, etc). This really would be a better time for Bethesda to tackle underpowered weapons, as there's nothing breaking the game right now.

Of course, in the history of game development, it's extremely rare to have a dev that's willing to lift up underpowered mechanics. We're almost always stuck with whack-a-mole where the devs just stomp down whatever people like until things get bland and and eventually either the game dies or some new OP mechanics are introduced to start the whole cycle over again.
gametime2473: Does anyone at Bethesda play FO76?
ElevatedSkins: Need to buff energy weapon AP, sub machinegun AP, and add a new high powered 308 auto and semi auto rifle!
spider-man4460: Are these clowns really nerfing the player in a pve game ?
defiantblackout1155: Yes its bad news because bugthesda doesn't know the difference between "re-balance " and "nerf"

May 18 2024

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