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Fallout 76 Players Just Recreated the Fallout TV Show \You Won't Believe How They Did it..

Trip-Adviser: Brings me back to the Machinima days where the cameraman was just a player with no HUD on and crouching to get the right angle. Love seeing community content like this
chineseassassn5661: This is some of the coolest fallout community content ever at least for 76
eddiesmeltdown6845: This was so fun to be a part of the cinematic!!!
DraevanDruid: Awesome, you added the blooper for the body!
ianmcknight3488: Wow that’s a heck of a lot of work, really well done.
Crooked60: The cinematic turned out great and if anyone was wondering it took me about 4ish days of building to make my version of Filly. I just wish I could have had more budget, at the end I was micromanaging every little percent of budget I had left so I would be able to place more junk items, even in a custom world the budget is pretty limiting. Thanks again rifle for checking out my build and for recording the cinematic, and a big thanks to everyone who acted parts as well.
saiyanape3373: Thats perfect man just incredible work
paulb1912: Some very very talented builders out there I tell ya
cathyfahey1780: How amazing!!! I thought the vendor's name was Ma June
GottaLuvRye: such a great video, i was there for support!! RifleForOverseer
gentugo: Wow, great job.

May 11 2024

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