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Fallout 76 Minerva Sale Location June 3rd 5th

zsean6788: TLDR: Nothing worth getting keep saving everyone.
ThiickCorgii: I missed the last time she had the brotherhood armor, daily ops refuses to give it to me, hope it comes back sooner than later
Dazzxp: Food pack would have been nice for meat week lol
MTi-xm4ek: I think Minerva is just cleaning out her stash box lmao
shuntzilla1596: So the same rotation from the last 3 months. Guess I'll finish my SS armor next week.
johnblackham3552: Excellent timing! I'm about 1/2 done with my Strangler Heart set, so it seems it's time to finish it!
rexyproductions1661: Easy Pete said dynamite is a pretty dangerous thing that require expertise
ComradeAntom: Am sorry but WHERE in Crater? Every youtuber only say "At Crater" but where?!
Baneofvader: New players get the secret service under armor with the shielded lining
TheAlexKiller1445: The scavenged solar panel is actually worth it for those that don’t have it. It produces 5 power and is the only generator type item that is completely silent.
americas_soldier1490: Im still a newish player but she should be selling all the different kinds of flux

Jun 03 2024

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