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Fallout 76 MINERVA LOCATION PLANS 03 June 2024 Where is Minerva?

GWMsharpshot21: Honestly the devs should give all power armors a backpack call it the cargo canister and just make it look like a big beer keg on the back of the armor around where the jetpack goes that gives like 150 or 200 extra carry weight
GreenSoup2HoT: We need a weapons box that just holds unique weapons. Hold 25 weapons. Any weapon regardless of weight.
Augustine-xv5zj: Thanks for the update!
Nemissis4265: We should try to get the devs to put more plans from past score boards so newer players can get them aswell
Errowl31: Last point on strangler heart, it uses ultracite mods and can't be traded. You need to have the character making it know the calibrated shocks plan if you want them. Been playing since the stress test and it has dropped for me once.
PeacelordApropos: woah. i didnt think i had a super computer but i cannot stop freezing inside any instance
Nomad0036: She needs to sell different plans.
I bought all of her plans over 2 years ago.
bri665: Nice fix on the title!
KingMaltheo: All I want is the gauss minigun
kainne2: Minerva needs new stock. Have run out of stuff to buy from her lately, seems to repeat items a lot.

Jun 05 2024

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