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Fallout 76 Minerva Big Sale Location May 16th 20th

ThesocialmuteHD: Seriously Minerva needs a revamp, why not add some atomic shop items in there
SuspiciouslyMissingSock: More slop from Minerva, 3 weeks in a row. Nice Bethesda. The only thing worth it is the SS under armor. Don't waste your gold bullion for anything else.
warmonger_365: I need some new camp plans,the rotation in atomic shop sucks.
zenobryant5192: I think adding old atomic shop items or extremely hard plans would make manerva much more interesting. That or the ability to get old score board items with all the new players arriving to the game.
jamesanthony8438: Bethesda's gotten massively lazy with Minerva, lately.
GyroZeppel: 40 seconds in until you actually get to any information. You should make that quicker.
valkyriedark7356: Only two limbs left from the Arctic marine set. So this information was very helpful, thank you!
pmxgaming: I really love the Crusader pistol, it's fun especially if playing Brotherhood you need that. Like to remind people that the Crusader pistol with the Pyro mod works with Friendly Fire and you will be able to heal friends and npc's et events like radiation rumble and test your metal.
rockero1313: I just hope she finally starts adding some new stuff to the next cycle of sales
grum7140: Thanks for the video!! I’m going to grab that BOS minigun paint!
ThomasSpettel: It's probably mostly for new players or those who have switched from Xbox to PC... cause Bethesda doesn't like sharing accounts from different consoles...

May 18 2024

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