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Fallout 76 Legendary Armor Effects Tier List! Best Armor Beginners Guide (Tips And Tricks 2024)

D00BIESNACKS420: Vanguards above Overeaters is criminal
kiamventer4456: Us: Zeh
Termx: Zeh

Us: lot
Termx: lot

Termx: zeæliot
mikeyfoulke: "Zell-Ett" is how it's said lol since you're being roasted, good tier list though I agree these picks
BerialPhantom: Armors in 76 do very boring things huh
Speedycar100: There are 3 S tier: Life saving, Unyielding and Overeaters idk why vanguard is higher when Overeaters is simply better
fizzymilk2528: Random unrelated question but what outfit is that
memeberfunk2731: Aristocrat is actually an amazing trait for weapons if you always have 40k caps!
50% damage boost with perception or weapon speed
iamdarkbloom_: Great guide and I agree with everything except over eater's. I run bloodied so naturally I run full unyielding. But if I put myself in a full health characters shoes, especially one with a full SS set (easily sitting well over 300 resistances, especially with scaly skin and grounded mutations) you start to hit diminishing returns on damage reduction making over eater's the clear winner. Those are just my thoughts though and also coming from someone who has been running bloodied basically since I discovered what a bloody build is.
Nogobo: Great vid straight man to the point no fluff… liked and subbed pls make more tier vids for gear! Helps a lot of new players like myself, just hit level 48 and still figuring it out
Shawn-eb9wo: Excellent tumbnail bait and switch, good job sir.
notCOSMYK: It's pronounced "zell-it" lol not that it really bothers me. Would love to see a part two for these and weapons! Maybe combined 2/3 star in one video like you proposed before

May 10 2024

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