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Fallout 76 Keeps Getting Better...

RookScally: I've played 76 since the beginning and never really gave up on it. I agree it was horrible in the beginning. But I knew it would grow. Currently on my 5th character that's still not been deleted. If I won't the ps5 id give it to my wife so we can both play.
scheevyjenkinz8444: I live in WV. When they played country roads I was contractually obligated to buy 76 lmao
Skullskalle: Played it since day 1. Only getting better and better.
Me and my wife play it every day.
YTZackNemo: Still can't believe how good this game is now!!!
universedrink9789: I've been playing with my friends recently and I'm having a blast, currently level 108 and rising.
wassupdoc4204: Am i the only one who would like to have nuclear winter back?(maybe a bit reworked)
swampbillies1776: Im glad i wasnt there for when it first came out. i love fallout 76. Not many games are multiplayer with campaigns, events, and base building all in one world . I love it and the haters are missing out.
diegosolis9681: I am a lifelong fan of Fallout, I never played 76 before because everything I saw of the game just looked bad.
I saw it in a super sale with all included, probably because of the series which I hadn't watch at the time.
I decided to buy it and give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised, the game is extremely good now and I'm not a fan of online games.

It still leaves a lot to be desired in the Fallout feel department, which is a problem since 4, but the game is incredible. It's packed with great content, the community is absolutely golden, the world is a blast (heh, get it?) to explore, the events are fun, and the progression feels meaningful, specially since it feels as if different parts of the game unlock as you progress giving you a different outlook on the game and keeping the adventure interesting.

I'm level 100 now, and I'll probably enjoy the game for a long time. Hopefully they'll keep investing money in it and giving it more content.
johnw8578: Just a note: This can be played solo, meaning you don't have to make friends with people. If you want to go explore on your own, you can. There are some events that will need multiple players there for success, but you don't have to hang with them if you don't want to.
ksimatrix5428: Everyone forgets that most of the playerbase is on console, and recently on Xbox I’m finding full lobbies at hours 2am-8am so many late night grinders and clearly the servers are not dead at all anymore
chrispoints4554: Coming from someone who went into 76 pre wastelanders and been with it since, the way the story plays out is actually made this live service title feel awesome, I went in and played thru the main quest pre wastelanders and it felt empty, but in regards to the story, it should of, we were the first people to emerge into the wastes after the nukes dropped. Wastelanders then brought in the life that emerged from the vaults and the people back into Appalachia that survived in whatever manner. This live service game felt real, like a true experience. Yes there was jank (being a Bethesda fan since Morrowind it was expected) and you know what I loved it, with what its supposed to be I think this is a gem among Fallouts and honestly, dare I say, better than 4 ( I will die on that hill ) if you have not delved into they wastes of Appalachia, you need to, give it a go and you will not be disappointed.
zasli5118: One thing I will never forgive and should not be forgiven the pay walled scrap storage limit.
nickj4684: I remember years ago I left the game as it was meh. Did the main questline, finished at 49. Came back after watching the tv show all hyped and must say IM SO SURPRISED. Game is absolutely amazing! Been binging it for past 3 weeks everyday and it doesnt get boring at all!
yoohoo236: Doom 2016 multiplayer was fun though
JoshJr98: I redownloaded the game when it was out on the game pass a few months back, and I love the game. It’s honestly way better than people are willing to admit. And that’s coming from a diehard fallout fan who refunded 76 on launch cause I couldn’t even play it without getting mad

I’m now level 105 and I Jump on there at least 3-5 times a week and do world events and roam around with my friends
KAIBAAAAAAA: On steam 76 has a review of mostly positive. It’s amazing to see how far 76 has come

May 14 2024

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