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Fallout 76 Just Got An Update \How To Merge Items With The Mannequin

hystericallyme2239: dark marketing , every single pack has images of items you don't get in the bundle , pretty bad really
jeffbarnesyout: Not sure if someone else commented on this, but unless something has changed, all you have to do for the pressure plate is move it once, and you don't need the mannequin to stand on it.
zextrix3349: the mannequins have been in the shop by themselves for 800 for a while now
JesseGee-oo9gg: You can attach your weather mod to a power switch to have a choice of different weather styles in your camp.
stevejoyner329: I strongly agree. The Union PA situation is frustrating
Bubble_0f_d00m: Here's a 2 for 1 building tip and support issue!
If you build a wall in your C.A.M.P. and add a wallpaper, then swap that wall into one of the new dirty log walls from the scoreboard, it'll instead change into a clean log cabin set wall. I never paid for the clean log cabin set. But (on PC) I can build with it.
misterchurch666: Thanks for the shoutout!
Notahandle.3: Everyone gonna be barbenheimer with the all pink bundle
franciscoluna2126: I was giving up on my Gatling build some shots don’t seem to register damage numbers are all Wacky and vats is still a horrid nightmare to use, gotta love those 95% misses
TheJoker138: Very happy that they put the mask display up on it’s own, grabbed it. Already had the mannequins and didn’t really want anything else in that pack.
user-zp8kj2cl9g: I only wish they would add an option to enable negative effects for hunger and thirst as a modification in Custom worlds. I mean, it was already in game, why not add the option for those who pay 1st for that solo survival experience.
I'm really loving this game, and it has been a surprisingly stable experience; only 2 crashes in 150hr, but yeah, food and water are only degradable chems now.

May 10 2024

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