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Fallout 76 is FINALLY Getting the Update Players Have Always Wanted..

eddiesmeltdown6845: Just imagine playing a super mutant hopefully they have plans for it too in the future.
rivanlords1: I seriously hope they wise up and offer new character slots. This new 'class/race/change' would be a prime spot to introduce new slots. I for one can not think of a current character I would commit to ghoulifying. However, if they sold me a new slot I would 100% role a new character with the intention going ghoul. They'd make a whole bunch of money selling character slots.
multihacker3695: I cannot wait for the ghoul characters, I'm curious how NPCs will react to ghoul characters!!
matthewhinkel6079: "With the railway rifle you hit like.. a semi truck."

Actual trains:
avic-: I’m so glad you of all people covered this
rolandthompson3160: Can’t wait to see how many people are gonna cosplay as the ghoul from the fallout show
Deathwish777: don't be shocked if they extend the no build area around that island. they want people to explore these places. someone can block that cave off from everyone else easily.
stetsonscott8209: Been waiting to be a ghoul for years
foxtrotwolf6081: Immune to radiation and chems, but need that injection to keep from becoming feral.
Nilon241: The choice to be a Ghoul is 100% reversible. CHAD explained it'll either be done through another questline or a consumable you'll make.

I'm half and half on this, one hand someone may have regrets about the changes to their character. On the other, 76 already has a ton of permanent choice you make - why does this have to be an exception.

Jun 11 2024

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