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Fallout 76 INFINITE XP! EXPLOIT! After Patch! BEST Way To Level UP! FAST!

riotruth4386: Yes it works, oldie but a goodie. Use 4 lunchboxes, berry Mentats, canned meat stew, nuka cran, bobble leaders, brain bomb, cran relish for the insane xp boosts. Also wear set of UNY 1i armor, with inspirational perk card under luck.
BigMomba_: super dupa dosnt work on quest items
Mamluk8989: west tek still seems easier
MidWestDevilHead: Lmao
silentnicck6102: Seems tedious and wasteful of materials though I never done this myself so I’m not sure just seems skeptical
ebikers2736: Think I will stick to a few nuka bombs into west tec.
Bloodyhair: eeee 18 xp, 34 xp per... not 400
vaporyphoenixgaming_5060: So imagine taking like 30k material out of the scrap box and trying to deal with it after because I had fo1st a long time ago
ryanrios80: 20 XP per item with buffs am I missing something
evonvizz3142: Does it work on console?

May 27 2024

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