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Fallout 76 in 2024 | New Player, First Impressions

ThisisCitrus: Fallout 76 at current is a pretty fun game, just not a good Fallout game. It's a borderlands style looter shooter with a Fallout skin.
genkigirl4859: I’m level 1041 and I remember running from scorchbeasts when I was low level,one chased me forever,now I kill them for fun lol
SanityPotion776: Thank you for keeping an open mind! Glad you enjoyed it
hunzren: I bought it at launch and could not get past the first few hours. I came back after the show and I am in love.
donnahumber: I'm a little over lever 1000.. been playing almost since the beginning. I NEVER used any exploits!
eldonb5131: You mentioned no level cap but technically there is ...its around 34000 (forgot exact number) and at least one person has gotten there.
murderwasthebass1: As a veteran player of 76, I would like to say your video is really, really well done. You did a fantastic job at describing this amazing game!
andrewbrock3675: After lvl 350 you stop getting legendary perk slots. Weapons and armor stop scaling past lvl 45/50. So the actual soft cap is lvl 350.
idiotsandwich9263: I have an XBOX!
ksimatrix5428: So in f76 the food and water bar don’t matter at all unless you are running a perk that gives you extra benefits for being well fed and fully hydrated
LordPufahl: Btw with the inventory thing, there is definitely a lot of stuff that you see that doesn’t actually do anything, for example: shot glass, pipe, burnt/ruined book, prosthetic leg, etc… if you get what I’m saying, think if you’re ever going to use an item before picking it up, and if it is everywhere around the map you don’t need to pick it up because it is always in reach, I hope this was helpful!

May 13 2024

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