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Fallout 76 HUGE NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! But BAD News For Bloodied Builds...

MechaMan2012: No, having ghouls not being able to take advantage of bloodied builds is a solid call. I wholeheartedly disagree with it being a mistake. Fix imbalances, sure, but give players some pros and cons, not just "here is the one build that trumps all others".
theheatinferno8420: Bro fuck bloodied builds. If you can solo Earl in 30 seconds, I think you will live, if full health builds get something for once.
caeden5178: My dad has been waiting for the ability to play a ghoul for so long
RadicalQuadMachine: You realize you're not forced into being a ghoul? It's optional. You can still have a bloodied build they wouldn't just remove that.
kharjothekhajiit1669: Nice to see non bloodied builds finally getting something. Bloodied builds already have so many bonuses. It's about time the rest of us get something.
giantpunda2911: It was absolutely dick move to only give 2 days notice of Skyline Valley's drop and Season's end. The Ghoul thing is interesting but the specifics will matter as to whether it's worth considering or not.
YeastMaister: We've had weather machines before
SinfulSquirrel: I could care less about bloodied builds everyone and their grandpa has a bloodied build time to spice the meta up and have more than just 1 powerful build.
McJaggi: I’ve wanted to be a ghoul in Fallout 76 for a long time but I didn’t think it would happen so I made my character into a ghoul with perks and legendary perks but now I’ll be able to remove What Rads and Ghoulish from my build and actually be a ghoul, I’m excited.
SilverDashies: I'm never been so happy of being full hp stealth commando build.
crimsonconquestcustoms2584: Im staying a smooth skinned
elliott5864: Bloodied builds are essential?! That’s news to me.

Jun 11 2024

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