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Fallout 76 How To Tame a Pet for CAMP. Animal Taming Guide Beginner to Advanced. Find a Pet.

eldonb5131: Just lost my legendary deathclaw (had for over a year) to griefers about a week ago. Even with pacifist on (and no turrets to initiate aggro), griefers know how to get around this and can and will destroy your base/pet. Just be warned as there has been uptick in this happening recently with just in the last week with many people losing their beloved pet. Just know what the griefers are doing right now you can't stop outside of switching bases or logging off. Essentially getting a pet is now a complete waste of time. If you decide to get a pet anyways, here's a tip. If you see 2 people at your camp and they are 'wanted', switch bases immediately or log off. Because that was the only warning I got.
godsspartin117: They’ve been doing all of these quality of life fixes to the game. Well how about you make the pets essential NPC’s and give us an option to dismiss them because I’ve been doing pets for years and they either glitch and fly up in the air and die or glitch under the map or people lure enemies over to kill them. If they were smart they would make them essential and sell beds food bowls houses in the atomic shop it would be a whole new revenue. Wink wink hint hint.
ivanbadjorov1767: I wasted hours to come across a Deathclaw. Finally I had it at my camp and was so happy. Found it dead after 10 mins away from the base.
Schoonyy: I swear Bethesda needs to hire some people that know what they are doing… Reskin Allies into the animals, put a price tag on each animal and put them in the atom shop. Save money on the voice actors, and make more money on multiple pets.
Balez__: Your pet will patrol your camp module. If your camp module is in a tight space your pet can glitch and keep respawning.
dchec2100: I think one important thing for people to remember is the pet must spawn alone at the location. The megasloth that spawns with the dead megasloth babies is not tamable, nor is the deathclaw that spawns with the super mutants, for example.

Great video turtle!
pwojo9776: It still baffles me that they didn't just keep the animal-cage system from Fallout 4 for pet-taming, instead they added an entirely new very-specific system that the appropriate perk cards required to do it don't even mention that it can, all based entirely on random encounters. I'd argue it'd be easier to rework the cages rather than implement this whole new system. Program every cage like a resource station, put all the cages in the same item category or just make 1 cage and stick a terminal to it to change what animal you want to catch, make it so like the effect of the beta-wave thing (the thing from 4 that made caught monsters tame, which I assume that effect is already programmed in), and have it so you can only build 1 cage and once you get an animal out of it you can't repair it or build any more.
spamanator666: I was in a CAMP yesterday and heard a Yaoguai, turned and there was one right there, I shot it and started damaging it before noticing it was yellow and had the owner's name over it. I am pacifist mode so this should not be possible, but I was doing damage, I checked again. It won't be long until someone actually kills it. This has happened each time I brought home a pet too, someone or something eventually kills it, caught a player killing my deathclaw once and tried to emote them to stop but nope. People on Reddit always say it is not possible, but I have seen it happen again and again, it always does eventually.
Schoonyy: Last night I spent 2 hours looking for a mega sloth, ended up finding one, hopped servers 1 time and found his body. I think he spawned underneath the foundation I had and killed him
kunderthunt: Thanks, turtle I was aiming my weapon at so many non-hostile creatures. I never walked up to them

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