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Fallout 76: How to Get the Large Backpack for extra Carry weight - Order of the Tadpole

alchemi8085: Oh maaan I hate this quest.
drackar: And then the FUN grind for the carry weight mod.
T3rr0rc0Re: Man the old camp icons bring you back.. i will be sending this to a few people who still use the backpack you get straight out of the vault now
Hopewillbefound: I'd rather be able to buy possum badges even if they're 1000 caps a pop.
shypony5820: Thank you for re-upload. Wish me luck. If anyone is on PC.
tafurquax13: For me it was 500 hours of gameplay to get a 120 possum backpack and 750 hours to get all tadpole and possum badges. It was frustrating but now im proudly wearing possum outfit and decorating camps with clean american flag
fabiofsk8223: Make sure you dont accidentally scrap the bug parts
GhostCodeClan-ro6zu: The old Nuclear Winter Pick Lock Challenge brought back some memories
jacobcastillo5688: Awesome I really needed this
commanderlaser4879: Does this backpack work also when ur wearing poweramor

May 14 2024

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