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Fallout 76 gets better the more you stop thinking

Mitchell-pv7rl: I eat dry wall
Blueybirdo: I saw someone who was over level 10k and i sat there bewildered
FIVES_566: You the fallout show = me coming back to Fallout 76
GenDrake3: I have fun playing the game. Endless content. Endgame is getting bis and building absolutely dope houses with the broken building system.
Badabink: As soon as I stopped worrying about it being a "fallout" game and started playing it for what it is, I started having a lot of fun.
Foagal1775: Im ready for the map expansion next month
KPx-ke8bg: I just hit level 370 today as well but I'm killing things much faster. Thanks for helping me feel good about my build
c.a.k.comedy692: This is probably one of my favorite kevduit videos ever it’s so chaotic and his jokes are on point man
joseleal8248: Kev running around one shoting everything and I'm just looking at my level 18 character with a short hunting rifle
dr.rockso2703: Kev!! If you got fallout 1st you can place down a Ammunition locker now tobstore all your ammo seperately from your stash.

May 27 2024

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