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Fallout 76 Developer Preview: Skyline Valley

Hikikomori_Gaming: I'll stick with my heavy modded Fallout 4.
houstonJPG: TBH I love how campy and "cringey" this is lol. It's weirdly on point for Fallout.
zerooverzero: Map expansion is a dream come true. I see more empty spots that need attention....
glitchtollivercosmicpants3753: So happy to see all the new players enjoying 76
TrevorCut611: I havent even scratched the surface of 76 and now you're expanding the map? YESSSSS
rreoaz: Hopefully we finally get more C.A.M.P Budget this time
mightylink65: When will the developers venture bravely into fixing the Fallout 4 patch that just broke everything?
teach9023: Shenandoah Valley was practically my backyard growing up. I'm definitely curious to see how this version stacks up!
jaredcicero4785: So Vault 63 is like Necropolis/the vault under the city from Fallout 1 a Vault that caused its population to Ghoulify because Vault-Tech shenanigans.
FalloutofContext: So excited for the map expansion, the weather looks so cool!
Vill1988: "I better inside" pointing at his windowless gazebo
makimera: More map expansions please, the less loading screens the better!

Also, can we please get a little increase to the camp budget?
chrisnoctskie5869: 2 words. Enclave Faction. I want to have my own Vertibird and Oil Rig.
JordawnTheJew: Bruh, cant wait to get done with finals so I can neglect all my other resposibilities and play!
doopmacias16: I don't think the "indoors" will help him
splunkmastah4609: Really hoping the Wanamingo is more than just a corpse on a bed. And that there are more new enemies than just charged Ghouls and giant Turkeys
theherald1734: Man I will be busy with this game. Just finished the base questline and now doing Wastelanders. I still have to experience the Steel Reign, Steel Dawn, and the Expeditions. Just taking my time
joebenzz: "I do this sh*t for the love of the game" - The Ghoul
mortalean: now i need an elder scrolls show
CeoOfSheeps: how about some performance Tweeks
ArealDesEffekts: this looks super cool :D
I am so glad, you all didnt let F76 die after the rough launch back than~
TomTom-ym2bh: Fallout 76 rules !
stuart792: I started the game recently, pure delight
renzbolado153: Any chance the combat rebalance could look into upping the strength of pistols and lever action rifles?
I don't mind bloodied commandos being the strongest but I don't want to be so far behind in comparison to those archetypes that I feel useless
MrFox13: Actually gonna start 76 now. Looking forward to this as a new player
user-zp8kj2cl9g: Please, add the option to enable hunger & thirst negative effects as a modification for Custom Worlds. Please, I beg.
jasonregan365: I’m glad that this game is getting the no man’s sky treatment as it gets better overtime and now we have ghouls charge with electricity that make them human again kinda neat
wesgreen2812: Just came back after 4 years!
HaloisTight: Give the game an offline single player mode with mod support and I'll buy it in an instant.
NewGuyMix: I would love to see the left side of the map get an extention, especially with the bridge at point plesant
primozeroyt: We're getting Fallout 76 Regigigigas before GTA VI and I'm so happy

May 13 2024

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