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Fallout 76 Designing The Ultimate Lazy Heavy Gunner.

alfhoward5825: Hi Mr. Turtle! I’ll be your first comment. I’m cool like that.
alexsledge: LOL, ALL of my builds include "ultimate lazy" in the title. If I have to keep track of and use buffs, I am playing wrong. Additionally, if I am using power armor, I am not being lazy - keeping track of fusion cores is not lazy.
JStrength: Overseer Turtle. Sir. You can do daily and weeklys in things like Butchers Delight that won't save inventory, but will complete dailys, ect. Saves a lot of resources <3
brianrmc1963: I think your BOS soldier is the ultimate Lazy Heavy Gunner.
I look at playing bloodied with buffs as akin to being a combat veteran.
joschmo9346: I use 2 shot fat man, b nuka quantum thirst blaster, be .50, b holy fire, v guass mini and quad light machine. Good for everything use.
JuicyPiickle: Legendary perk cards you should always have on and maxed is Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Agility and Luck and Survival Shortcut being the final card, survival shortcut gives you a whopping 40 HP and 35% ap regen and also instantly gets rid of diseases you get with one use, super easy to use just put the syringes on shortcut wheel, that card some opens up way more slots for more important perk cards, like for one you don't have to use lifegiver if you don't want to and use something else instead, and you don't have to use action boy/girl for more ap regen because of that perk as well, you get more than enough ap regen from the survival shortcut, nerd rage and 5% AP regen on all 5 of your SS armor pieces.
Mr-Slayer-Sir: Power Armor Lazy I Believe It
Mr-Slayer-Sir: Full HP Lazy Plain And Simple
GorchaxGaming: I need that mug. Where do i get it?
Mr-Slayer-Sir: Lol Calls A Gatlin Gun The Weakest Lol

Jun 03 2024

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