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Fallout 76 Custom ini Settings. Free Photomode, Faster Loading, Clear Water, High Res PipBoy More

odefx5320: An FPS optimization guide would be awesome! I'm running a Ryzen 7 3700x that I'm fairly certain is causing a bottleneck, but Fallout 4 runs great. Fallout 76, on the other hand, is typically sub 70FPS unless I look at the ground.
Bjornvetr: I was trying your settings and I noticed you're wielding a LMG; I told myself "Uh, I haven't used one in ages". I checked my stash and couldn't find any, I probably scrapped the single star Quad I had floating around, so I crafted one a rolled a Juggernaut. Rerolled it once and I got a Quad, 25% FFR, 15% Reload Speed. Lol, you brought me a ton of luck today!
_i_a_n_: Hey turtle fyi the description is missing the [General] category

Thanks for these though, super helpful!
Scrubje: This game runs not great even on very good PC's. Shame, i could do with some more FPS, it would make the game feel so much better.
dp10656: Finally, I know how you make your photomode camera go way out. Thanks for that. I have a number of these fixes from your old video so only picking up few that are new.
I would say for those who are not sure, copy all montined ini files to desktop or into a zip file as a backup, then if you don't like changes or something goes wrong you can then copy and paste them from desktop or zip file overwriting changes with original ini files. I always make copies before i make any changes just to be safe even though I have been making changes for improvements for other game for ages but always make backup of originals.
OhioCarl: Playing 76, I often feel like I need to upgrade by RTX 3080. Then I play newer games maxed out that run flawlessly and am reminded, it's just FO76 not my PC.
goosecf: Reshade and Nvidia overlay stuff can make it look even better if you don't mind trading 15 or so frames for it
philistine3260: Turtle, you should really try DLDSR 2.25x.
It's basically reverse DLSS. DLDSR will run your game at 4k and then downsample it to 1440p. (it doesn't seem to work in borderless window though, only in fullscreen)

I think this game was made for consoles, so it only looks OK at 1080p and 4k. It's so off at 1440p. DLDSR 2.25x fixes it completely, looks like an entirely different game. Plus it helps a lot with Bethesda's terrible TAA

Edit: Another thing I forgot. Bethesda set VRR to off in this game (for some insane reason, guess because consoles don't have it? So, we, on PC don't get it too?).

VRR is variable refresh rate. Basically, whenever your fps drops, your monitor's refresh rate also drops so that they are in sync. Your game fps and your montor's hz are always the same. It makes fps drops look a lot better on your end.

You can force VRR on from NVidia inspector ( a separate NVidia app you need to download)
raskol60: The camera unlocking settings didnt work for me but someone helped me with it, i might as well share:


You can tweak the values to ur own liking
pocetbox: I play with umpc. Optimization guide will be awesome
jak1up10: Great video..FPS optimization guide would be nice to see, I'm still running an old i7 4770k with a gtx1080..

Jun 09 2024

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