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Fallout 76 Builds The Operative 3.0 Perfected Bloodied End Game Stealth Commando Best DPS!

phantomstrike50: I was LITERALLY just watching your Dreadnaught 3.0 and wished there was an Operative 3.0. I was so glad to see the notification pop up.
KetoFitChef: Hanging out with you and everyone else built up my excitement for this build! Only thing I can say is FYC!!!
fishfiftie: I love seeing these updated videos, I’ve based most of my builds on the old versions of these
PeefSpogdar: This is super interesting, I moved away from using stealth commando to pure loud commando because in larger events like sbq I was perpetually detected.

I had a very similar setup to you but with the exception of the sneak perk, when I read about sneak from most accounts it seemed that it didn't stack with unyielding but you clearly have far far superior stealth to what I had.

Might give this one another go on my other loadout slot, cheers!
scouthound7991: Love these updated videos. Bloodied stealth commando still my go to and favorite. Really enjoyed the Livestream and again welcome back.
brianrmc1963: Perhaps if a player truly wanted to maximize damage they could include the Endangerol Syringer?
Dyeuss: Amazing build dude! I like the perception and agility changes you made from the previous version of the build. I always preferred running max concentrated fire, and didn’t like managing the sandman perk. Love ittttt
boblee1902: You don't really need the sneak card but it's your build not mine
EddieQuest: "Dear God, Its Beautiful!", - Mugatu from Zoolander. Basically my reaction right now. Been waiting on this one. FYC!

May 18 2024

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