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Fallout 76 Builds - The Dreadnaught 3.0 - Perfected Bloodied Heavy Gunner - [Unkillable PA Tank]

damjanzivkovic5987: You should add that union pa plans are currently removed from the game for newer and lapsed players coming back.
josearredondo8935: I still use the og build as a template, crazy to see a new version
Pointandlaughh: It was pointed out to me that the party based perks and mutations work even if you just create a team for yourself. I've gotten into the habit of just making a casual team for me. If others join in later, more Int for more xp. Otherwise, it works like a dream.
lone_grizzly1328: Great to see your posting again. Would be dope if you did an unarmed power armor build! Once again. It’s a blessing to be able to watch your content and have so much fun with your builds!
Mrjackb1994: Was hoping for a updated heavy gunner build glad to see you back
nickstrickland: I really appreciate the way you structured this video. You clearly stated what the build’s focus is (PVE, tanking first and damage second, etc.) and fully explaining your reasoning for choosing each perk card. Most of the build videos that get recommended are click bait or extremely end-game/impractical for the average player, but this is perfect! Looking forward to see more vids!
xenoz349: oh yes the goat dreadnaught build
Momofukudoodoowindu: HES AT IT AGAIN
Let’s get you to 50k subs
And I’ll also take a side of nuclear winter returning please.
RimGreaper: Thank you for your updated builds
Mark-vl9gc: Nice build bro. Lol. I remember that conversation with Hydra on the Dataminers Discord about Electric Absorbbtion. I helped a little as well. I worked out the wording so it would fit on the card.

May 10 2024

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