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Fallout 76 Best Way to Farm Ammo, Legendary Items, and Daily Caps!

charleshammel8541: Starting an expedition team is a great way to announce your intent, but you get waaay more xp from expeditions while on a casual team. The xp benefit of an expedition team only applies at completion. Feel free to change the team goal before you talk to Lennox to leave.
IvanVolpini: Another great tip is to use the cremator to farm other guns ammo. All you have to do is to shoot the cremator close to enemies so they take splash DOT damage and then swap fast to the weapon you want ammo. Worked perfectly to farm ultracite ammo. Got more than 1k in a simple expo run
Duck-st6ck: Dude your so underrated keep going
Harvey-: You dont have to speak to veracio or the twins to get their optional missions btw :)
ragtop63: There's definitely faster/better/easier ways to farm ammo with greater returns but getting legendaries and stamps at the same time is definitely a great bonus!
drut001: Just FYI Orlando is They/Them, not she.
lifeleaderquest1277: Good work! Keep going Brother!
tangy830: You don’t even need to talk to the people at the beginning to get their optional quests, you can just go straight for the play area!
oramonika9758: Thank you so much! I'm a new player just hit Lvl 150 but I still have so much more to learn. This vidoe has helped alot
s2ua7: These were great tips! Thanks!
inqufox1750: Honestly purified water also sells amazingly, and there is no cap to how many generators you can have i saw a dude with like 150 of them in a room for me they sell like 10 caps a pop and you can just sell every one you have and not be pressed for water at all because of how fast they generate its kinda wack

Jun 06 2024

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