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Fallout 76 Best CAMP Locations For Resources

gothdaddy5996: Camp 1 Copper & Steel
Camp 2 Acid & Fertilizer
Camp 3 Junk & Lead
Camp 4 Lead & Acid
Camp 5 Copper & Steel
noctis6826: The slaps or funny clips you add in for like/subscribe always gets me lol, I mean it's more creative then just abruptly saying "before we move on, don't forget to like and subscribe"
aaronthompson5852: It's mad to see these videos being made again for all the new players recently. I was watching these 4/5 years ago
joshthepatriot1869: I subbed not to long ago, your videos are AWESOME bro, just started watching the video but perfect timing because i was about to hop on 76
DavidOrtiz-hk8ho: This video made me sub. Rooting for you to grow big! Keep up the good work
ChrisLoew: I plant my camp nekt to a train station, legendary scrap machine and vendor next to my crafting array so when I am over encumbered I can go a few feet to sell off what I dont need (and unlikely to sell in kiosk)
olibrtsz: My current camp spot is across the road from the Pleasant Valley station, there’s a junk resource with a relatively open space. Also a cargobot flies over the area often so it’s easy to farm keycards too
leecheezy4901: Enjoying your takes on these lists. What Rads tier 2 and Ghoulish Perk tier 3 make you invincible to radiation. It’s absurdly powerful.
BWalker8732: Thanks for sharing this info.
SimbaLionheart: The cranberry bog one is actually quite a good location, the only thing you really get attacked by are the local super mutants thst spawn near watoga. The distance between the resource nodes is a little tricky to get the teo of them comfortably depensing on how you plan to incorporate them into your build
indigo1615: You can get rid of the ash raining in your base by placing a weather station

May 13 2024

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