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FALLOUT 76 Beginners Guide to DAILY OPS.

jeffbarnesyout: Hi, I don't do daily ops.. hate them. But I do expeditions. I would suggest starting, not from your camp, but from Nuka World on Tour or Whitesprings refuge, because even if you're overencumbered, these locations have legendary scrip machines and vendors you can unburden yourself with. They also have stash boxes, scrap boxes (if you have 1st), ammo boxes (1st), and workbenches.
Lordoftheapes79: Once I can solo Daily Ops on a character, I'll generally run it from a casual team. If others join me, great, it's a little easier, if not, I'm still getting xp, and I don't need to be group leader to do it.
FreelancerND: Vampire pepper shaker/plasma caster and vampire shredder mini =) Melts everything and everyone in ops and expeditions.
Thanks fully, once you purge the godawful "bloodied commando" meta from your mind - game becomes so much more fun.
tigeryumyums9407: Big tip for newer players who aren't geared but still want to solo this.
Do Beast of Burden event every time it pops. It has a chance to drop Holy Fire legendary weapon. You can effortlessly solo every daily op or expedition with just this weapon alone. It's also usually sold for around 2-3000 caps in player camps so it's fairly cheap.
mattyb.2604: This was super helpful. I have been playing for about 18 months and have avoided Daily Ops. I've only done it once and had no clue what I was doing and was dying all the time. I am now over lvl 300 so I might try to solo it slowing till I learn the layout. Thanks for all the tips.
Kg123garcia: These are my favorite things to run in the game, the modifiers are nice change up from just running through the place killing everything.
paulthomas920: Very nice summary of daily ops. Some stuff I wish I knew earlier. Wasting a lot of time wandering around looking for stragglers in large venues really. Sucks u the time and really sucks. Thanks Darth.
reecewestmoreland6137: Union power armour is so great for daily ops as it just basically cancels out toxic blood
iammrmenotu3997: Great video. Would you be able to do a video on expeditions? I’m newer and not sure if they are meant for solo or teams?
louskywalker9656: Can I ask a question? Why are none of the YouTubers grilling Bethesda on the Union Power Armor problem? This has been almost a year now and we have purchased the plans but can't build it. This is total bullshit. I'm tired of grinding for shit in this game only to have Bethesda to take it away. They took legacies, they took the Union. They nerfed the cremator. There still some beer steins we have learned and can't craft. I'm so tired of this shit and no one is putting Bethesda in the hot seat. This game is your bread and butter. You need to start looking out for the fans. This goes out to all YouTubers with fallout76 content
mcneally7291: The last time I did a daily op is when they came out just for the camo apparel

May 23 2024

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