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Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update May 28th 4th

maxcastro8487: They just really need to increase camp building expansion.
Ray-zp3zp: Should have been a real bird
jahimjauh-hey5653: 20 percent discount on a lot of these bundles just isnt enough.
SoloKyoto: Ah yes finally the coveted "Sheepsquatch Ate My Brothers Ass" poster returns.
lbaker3602001: Thanks!
BxBxProductions: Atoms saved, those discounts and the fact we ain't getting much free atoms from the new Seasons format made me spend them more wisely. Nothing nice to get except the birdcage backpack which would probably on sale in a few weeks to months time. We really need quality releases

Long overdue for an Atlantic City Boardwalk-themed shelter. Wished they'd do that instead of the casino. The beachfront setting would make for great builds especially with the current season rewards.
michaeltate7287: Honestly im surprised they have been throwing out this garbage. With the fallout tv hype id be pushing BOS, enclave, and Vault content more.
NavigatorPlays: Let’s see what we’re rocking with this week!
TheEnigman: Took me roughly 65 events to get all the new plans for Meat Week, very few dupes or old plans but ended up with a lot of apparel. A friend has their second account doing meat spinning 24x7 and it took approximately 100 events for that character to get all the new plans.

I'm guessing they are saving newer Atomic Shop content for the upcoming season. Animating a bird in the bird cage probably would have taxed the game too much - if you had 24 players all sporting an animated bird cage there could be significant lag especially during events where particle effects were present (cremators etc.)

If they won't increase the camp budget even slightly there is probably zero chance of them animating backpacks or clothing items.
enzudesign: Worst shop reset I've seen yet
spacepirate9055: Havent gotten the nuka shank and i am highly disapointed, whyyyyy is a broken nuka bottle so hard to get

May 29 2024

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