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Fallout 76 Atomic Shop New Resource Generator Bundle NEW Offers 04 June 2024

MichaBlackrain: I generate enough spoiled fruit in my backpack, thanks.
FragileBranch: Sound is much better over yesterday. The mobile setup mic doesn't capture the bass in your voice like your home setup does, but this sounds like a perfectly workable setup, Turtle!
lawrenceberg5408: Just like last time with the balloon generator. Waste of atoms and camp budget space. Cheers Turtle for being the sacrificial lamb.
Elban19: >Spoiled apple tree
"I'll take 'What no one asked for for 500', Alex"
Calsifer808: For herbivores Spoiled fruits & vegetables are food sources that never deteriorate it can’t get any more spoiled. And as herbivores we don’t get diseases from plant based foods.
_i_a_n_: Spoiled fruit to make fertilizer but it doesn't seem super helpful
operativepanic991: Other than fertilizer I really hope they are shadow dropping something you can use spoiled fruit for with new season. Putting this out now so people who are suspicious about it can start collecting. Idk though
deathedge736: you can use 10 spoiled fruit to make 1 fertilizer. there are faster ways to get that tho.
Lordoftheapes79: "Greatest Hits" are always 7 days.
kotbanzai: The sound is a little bit flat and reverberated, but the voice is still audible and overall fine.
Lordoftheapes79: I love the irony of the messed up audio on your setting video.

Jun 06 2024

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