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Dont Miss The Latest News Happening This Week In Fallout 76

Silver__bunny: Thanks for the shout out!! Much appreciated!! How exciting you’re going to the Xbox showcase!!!
CoreyGory: Dude that is super cool you got that invite! Congratulations man!! So exciting
hokie97lvt: Thanks for the video and congratulations on the invite and trip. Can’t wait to hear about it. So excited for you.
alientenno: The Secret Service Helmet cost is the most and it's un-nessesary (only for some Rad protection) , just buy the Torso, Legs and Arms Piece's !!!
MrMorp76: Woot Woot! Thanks for the Share!
MoonlightCowboyGaming: Huge thanks for the plug mate! I have been spending more time sharing my techniques for building, so that others may also build the camps of their dreams. You're legendary my friend!
MossNada: Well of course Minerva is selling the SS Armor set. I just bought mine at full price hahahaha Congrats on the showcase invite btw!
scoundrl.: Anyone know if I'll be able to buy the Secret Service plans from Minerva if I haven't finished the main story yet?
dylanwight5764: Good info. Nice

Episode 69: NIIIIICE
Tcproper10: @MrMorp is one of my favorite YouTubers. He always shows me support even though I’m a PvPer.
caseycarney9660: Hiiii

May 27 2024

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