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Did Bethesda Just Tease Some Big News For Fallout 76? Season 17 Date?

napalmarsch: give us the other side of the river on the left side of the map please
AnxietyRanger: This is wild we are living in a time where Appalachia gets a new area. But then again, when we started there weren't any NPC's on the map yet
MossNada: With no new Fallout game on the foreseeable horizon, regional expansions would make a lot of sense as a way for Bethesda to keep people engaged with the franchise. I'd not be massively surprised if we got some sort of Flatlands expedition (save Filly from marauding chicken fuckers! or something) to capitalise on elements from the show :D
alanchapman3271: I am still holding out hope that one day they will make an expansion or even expedition to the DC Commonwealth so I can roam and do events in the DC Capital Mall area with friends.
ponsau: Thank you for playing the Daily Op in this video with me!!! And I appreciate the Weenie Wagon plan immensely!!! I’d run so many Meat Week events and still hadn’t landed it!!!!!!! You helped me beat the RNG gods
ModeKaioken: Man dood I wish I started this game earlier cuz I am afraid I wont finish the season pass and I actually want to. I hope there is a bonus last week on points.
carumsarene: I have the prediction that the Shenandoah Update is in Three Parts, that'll cover the entire bottom of the map. I've had this prediction since we first got the teaser.

The fact the new area is called Skyline Valley, and NOT Shenandoah, and the fact that a 'huge map expansion' takes up less size than the Toxic Valley, makes me believe there's more coming that we've yet to be told.

I also saw some of the PTS stuff, and not spoiling anything here, but it leads me to believe we are in fact at least getting a Part 2 to this update, and a tied in Expedition at some point as well.
mistagoro9931: hey man, what mods are you using in 76 like that health bar
BubbleOfDoom22: Bethesda better give a catch up bundle that gives me that little mothman lamp. I don't care about anything else that I missed, but that lamp is life.
TheonlyBW: Crossplay please
skullsnbones5285: 20 mil, mostly from playstation and pc players...fact..look at the stats for starfield...not doing good! the majority of bethesda players are Pc, PS gamers!

Jun 05 2024

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