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aseroxd: Extra loading screen for putting your vendor in a shelter. I'll pass no matter what you're selling.
joshuad4772: Another thing DONT EVER put the freaking vendor inside a shelter, i dont care if its neat or aesthethic for you. Most of us just want to look at ur stuff on sale and move on its not worth a whole ass loading screen. I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT IN A SHELTER
TikiShootah: Not placing turrets us actually a dumb idea. Nothing says no vender like getting chomped in while shopping. Nah customers always get protected. No decoration? Why even build? You say crafting stations arent needed, but then say farms are recommended...then at the end you say crafting stations are needed. What even is this video??
d3c04: A trap camp for a little razzle dazzle. lol
PeterPanbe: Nr 1 of “not needed”: buying things from the atomic shop. It is worse than heroine.
N7warrior007: So many have lavish mansions i just got a box with all i need lol
danielyoung8302: How do I permit players from building on my base? I logged on a found someone constructed water purifiers and dog food machine. Which I appreciated but then they locked them on me.
irishgirl7of980: I need the popcorn machine lol. Where can i get this plan???
Lordoftheapes79: I don't agree with the organization, but overall a good list.

I would keep at least one vendor outside for people to use. I'm also pretty sure the vendor symbol only shows on your CAMP icon if it's in your CAMP, not your shelters, so you're costing yourself a lot of traffic.

I also recommend taking advantage of the fact that you can place all ypur crafting benches and SPECIAL boosters in your shelters. This frees up some of your precious budget by not needing them all at every CAMP. This method will free you up to only have the ones that suit your build, tho I try to make sure I have at least one for scrapping and boxes for dumping in every build.
Shifty2319: I don’t go in a shelters anymore because I’ve been trapped in one.
peterclarke7240: I disagree with the items on the "essentials" list, and feel that we tend to over-think what we actually need.

You don't need crafting stations or even a stash box at your camp. They're a convenience, nothing more, because the map is designed to give you access to locations with them very early doors. The responders camp at the lumber yard just south of Vault 76 has all of the crafting benches and a stash box, for example, and once you unlock Whitesprings you have near instant access to everything, including vendors, at a free fast travel point.

The ONLY things I personally consider essential, particularly in the early to mid game, are crops to make adhesive, water purifiers, and the radstag field dressing station (for the food and carry weight buff) you can get from Mortimer. I also personally use the coffee and Company tea machines daily, but they're more build-dependent.

A bed to get the well-rested buff is useful, but not essential, as is a musical instrument for the well-tuned buff and a camp ally who gives you a buff you want. Basically, anything after that is completely based on the convenience of having things in one location, or for quality-of-life improvements, or purely for aesthetic purposes.

Heck, I decided to do a playthrough with just a tent and bed, once, and did not struggle at all, because you can make so many pre-existing locations your base of operations without ever needing to go to your camp.

Basically, for all the new players: don't sweat it. Explore the map. The forest region particularly has literally everything you need in a small, easily walkable and relatively safe area.

Jun 04 2024

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