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Camp Building Tips Tricks For Beginners! Fallout 76

SomethingSomething245: The video was 40 seconds in, and you already showed one of the biggest problems I have with wallpaper lol.
ArgentDeer: THIS IS SO SOLID. Hundreds of hours and I forget about things like the flamethrower trick and mannequin on pressure plate tricks. Definitely gonna use these!!
Poke-ladd: I suppose a good tip, location doesn’t always matter but certain areas a really great for starting out such as nearby Anchor Farm which is a little north of 76- free work benches, decent loot to borrow from your neighbors, free crops and if you build close enough you can steal their water
xCHOPZx: I’ve been seeing some really cool camps lately where they build as close as possible to unmarked locations w faction npcs spawned. Gave his camp an extra 3 brotherhood guards for his camp.
Muffincaek: You can also bug the pressure plate to stay down by building it, then move it slightly left or right. When you place it the second time it will be stuck in the down position until you step on it.
SoMuggyFresh: Couple tips to add on. Getting wires through ceilings is easy, just simple put a sky facing conduit with the one lead pipe on the top of the roof or other surface (I did this with the scout tent to get clean looking power inside). Then connect the ground facing conduit, it should connect through allowing a wire, if it doesn't play around with it a little.

Also, I never see this in other camps but I do it on almost all of mine. The scrapbox is ugly and makes it hard to fit into theme camps. Best way I learn to hide this is to buy the dresser plans from the whitesprings and you'll want to use the clean classic flattop dresser. You can merge it down where just the lid of the scrapbox is showing and it makes it look like a wooden tool chest.
BlueDemon16: New player here, much appreciated!
neilburton1867: Great tutorial, always wondered how you did it?!!
thegreatnexus4207: you are awesome , highly recommend
RhyzVids: Do you know any good C.A.M.P. items for a trailer camp build? Or rather a trailer-shaped little house in the forest/desert? Btw love your videos
caleblevi3695: First like first comment!

Jun 02 2024

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