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Best Secret Service Armor Tips and Tricks Fallout 76

thatguy2889: You’re not a real fallout player if you don’t collect every scrap of cloth or armor there is to complete your collection.
TheKnightArgent: I love my mom.
rtxmorshu4502: Agreed, helmets don't give armor resistance. Also, you can gather as many treasury notes as you want, but like you said, you can only redeem 40 a day. So, gather as much as you want if you don't feel like doing any events or Daily quests at a later date. Yes, Daily quests give 2 treasury notes usually.

Or you can buy bullion from Smiley at the Wayward, after you complete the main questline. He can sell up to 300 bullion for 6,000 caps and resets every week.

Also if you look at the armor bonuses most of them only need 5 pieces to activate the effect, just the limbs and torso (since the helmets give no DT and can't be made legendary)
newsman777: Secret Service still has some of the best resistances. The helmet’s bonus is not resistances, it’s the light. When you’re in really dark places, the helmet has a long range focused, clean white light that you shine whenever you look instead of a short, flood light from your pip-boy. This is lessened somewhat now that we can change the pip-boy color from the green color. Gold is easy to come by. Just running event gets you enough to trade in plus you can buy gold weekly from Smiley. I’ve bought all the gold plans for all the armors and I only have the consumables left. If you play for 1 season and drop the game, yeah…skip the helmet. If you play longer, it’s not a bad investment.
Lordoftheapes79: If you're going to grind out SS armor individually, remember that they are not light and it's very easy to over encumber yourself with no scrip left to redeem and a full stash.
BubbenKopp: I bought the helmet too but not because i needed it, i don't need the secret service armor even to beging with bc im running PA only in combat, I just bought it because i have basically everything I need and I just want to display the armor.
corvuscorax8459: I’m a noob and bought the helmet. Fuck me am I mad.
spamanator666: I got the helmet, I've got bullion coming out my ears, I'll be fine.
feidry: There is a point to getting the helmet. It completes the Storm Trooper look and looking good is important in the wasteland lmao. I bought it because its only bullion. You can always make more.
IfritBoi: If you were going to get the helmet anyway then you should get it before the sale ends though since it's heavily discounted and will be harder to save for than the limb plans but get the chest piece first since it's almost as high.
Crawling_Sloth: just buy it all, no need to skip anything.

May 31 2024

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