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Atomic Shop Update May 21, 2024 Fallout 76

MichaelsExplorations: Another lame week in the atomic shop smh
mjstealey9100: Only thing missing from the Newlyweds Bundle is some curtains to wipe your ... well ... if you've seen the show you know where I'm going with this
c0smickilljoy533: My wife and I plan on rocking the wedding outfits this week!
brianwilson3133: Ant-i-cway-ted
SomethingSomething245: I was getting tired of the mothman event lol. Meat week is my second favorite event behind aliens from beyond.
loganedwards5701: So many couples play this game the newly wed bundle is straight high iq play on their part
juliangracia7563: Yooooooo
seamagician7042: Damb. Im waiting for some old season rewards to return. Havent played in years and want that fixer poker skin or the mystress of mystery sidekick outfit.
Fingers crossed that they show up at some point
RoidBerserker: Dang where can I get some Gatling gun love at atomic shop
JustParkyBFD: Rather disappointed this week again.. being a relatively new player, I'm waiting for a clean modern kitchen, white wallpaper, clean bathroom sets etc to come out. I've no interest in barber shops or homeless wedding themes
anthonytostado472: i was the first

May 22 2024

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