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Atomic Shop Update And I Wasnt Expecting This In Fallout 76

timchadd2865: Y’all effers need to step up and support this guy - 2,384 views and only 132 likes? He’s putting out quality videos multiple times a week.
razvananghel7492: Junkyard dog was half price yesterday for 250 Atoms. Only for like 24hrs. i got that
ChrisFBI: bro i thought the greenhouse kit was gonna be in the pioneer camp bundle because i saw it in the background
TheJoker138: Nothing in this update for me. I already had the pioneer scout bundle though, or everything in it so it shows I have it and such.
Lordoftheapes79: I gotta make some decisions cause I know there's stuff coming that I want.
madanthonywane: Big time Nerd Alert !
MTi-xm4ek: Would it kill them to actually add something worth buying.
danx1andson.: All currency is doubled.... including caps
AlejandroGutierrez-ri8kb: Tropic Lightning Handmade Skin in the shop
MichaelsExplorations: Well My Atoms are saved yet again Thanks Bethesda
eldonb5131: Going to pass this week as i have most of that stuff. I really dont mind as my wallet needs a break.

May 25 2024

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