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All Perk Cards That Increase Damage Fallout 76

Coats2112: The unofficial wikipedia guide to "How to" Fallout 76...
BreakfastAtNoon: Played in beta, played launch week and gave up.
Always wanted to return but was dubious.
Show pushed me over the edge, 240 hours since the show and addicted to that and this channel.
D00BIESNACKS420: Tenderizer is slept on. It's one of the few perks that is multiplicative and not addictive damage. It's SO much stronger then cards like bloody mess.
emotionaldamage5236: 1 minute zero views bro has fallen
MeiMisaki91: thanks for all the beginner videos, as a new player they've helped a ton <3
ItsFizzyFox: Hello I use basher. I use it for the musket with a bayonet. When I shoot and have to wait for that really long reload I just start stabbing everything with the bayonet. It's so strong and quick enough it basically feels like a melee weapon and it's super fun to use. :)
GoodPandaVibes: Love your Content ... <3
charm2217: Love your vids man, I downloaded FO76 after watching the show just to give it a try while it was on sale and fell in love with it and the community. Always looking forward to your next post
adamreed1819: Basher with the mini shredder mod is crazy strong
velandria7497: My son got me hooked on this game recently as he wanted his buddy to join him. I also became aware of your channel and really appreciate the guidance for newbies like me. I am stumbling my way through an unfamiliar control system especially when it revolves around social communication within the game. A few players have been really nice, one even donating weapons, ammo etc. to give me a boost. Now how's that for promoting the game! Question, is there benefit for having 100s of levels above 50. I mean where is the "sweet" spot for levels if there is one?
jeromea412: Adrenaline is 30 seconds but game doesn’t display seconds in effects menu hence the less then 1min displayed

May 22 2024

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