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ALL NEW SEASON 17 REWARDS Coming to Fallout 76

Darkspiderdash: I love all the new stuff coming out right now but for the love of Todd we need more space at our camps.
jasohavents: I'd like to point out something... Bethesda has been showing a lot of love to 76 since the TV show came out.
We've had back to back events going... Aliens, Mothman Equinox, Meat week. We had the Spring Cleaning Challenges. Second part of Americas playgrounds.
And with this next season already in June and the new map Expansion... We really are getting spoiled.
justincary4803: I would like to see them add the M72 Gauss rifle as a gun for the commando build.
jerrichj: With those "Jason Voorhees" masks, all i can see is the masks from army of two and it made my day
novablau2206: Scythe is top for me but the one thing I'm waiting for is the shop item with the deathclaw hide outfit
71simonforrester: That musical emote might end up replacing " thumbs up" as the way to signal the starting of an event
vonwarnervideos72790: That reaper made my night
ThePudgypug22: I see a Crystall Lake Camp in Fallout
SheepDenTV: I need that scythe!
Byron-sp6ns: Looks like a very meh season for me

May 23 2024

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