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ALL NEW EVENT REWARDS Coming to Fallout 76

EseJandro: We need an increase in stash capacity
am-1711: THAT LMG IS SCRIPT!!!
Pyrozilla: V63 Helga has such a great legendary effect in the form of the -90% weight reduction
Underp4ntz_Gaming_Channel: We need more stash, and 25% maybe more camp budget... people rarely visit shelters because of load times... and whats the point of releasing camp content if you can't show only a little bit....
justinkund3381: The meele weapons Name: "Zweihaender" is german and means "twohanded". Pronounced much harder at the first two letters
noneeris: They really put a 10mm smg with proper sights as a legacy instead of just improving the base 10mm smg.
Bethesda sucks.
mattlewis8889: Hey Rifle do you have any info on the new Fasnacht Masks later this month? I had seen one post saying there were going to be a bunch of new ones.
mineralinis: I made you to 460! almost 700! lets gooooo!
VaultWeasel: Pronounced, Zwy-hender, meaning Two Handed

Jun 10 2024

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