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A Highly Requested Feature Revealed for Season 17 In Fallout 76

jaheem666: I love what the tent will offer but really dislike the scout look of the entire season, not to my taste.
ragtop63: What happens if you have FO1st and you get the tent, then you stop paying for FO1st? Do you get to keep the tent?
AnxietyRanger: I'm gonna live inside that tent
aeb1722: I would like it if BGS would at least describe which bench goes with which tent when you’re looking through them on the menu in the atom shop. Nothing major just a little note: This is Tinker bench. armor bench, Johnny bench. Ya hear? :)
Kashtirian: That is insane, this tent definitely is gonna take number 1 spot. Let the countdown begin to S17, see u there Gassy :D
j.patricklindor6828: So this video only applies to people who have FO 1st sub or will this be an atom shop item I can buy?
johnhoover8952: All I want to know is if we will be getting the PLAN for the SQUIRREL SCOUT BANNER in this expansion.
1stAid: I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda disappointing when I realized that the "highly requested feature" in question is a FO1st item, not to mention a tent that disappears when the subscription runs out. Then again, it's very in line with this upcoming season overall. Seems to me like the trailer highlighted FO1st items, very clearly marked that way, more than previous seasons.
kevinw.3330: Thank goodness Betheda was smart enougth to get Double 11 on board, look in the distance there be a new tank.. Scotty
jakefletch8405: Everyone has been sleeping on the Gazebo survival tent, it has everything except the special card punch; bed, drum (music), armor bench, cooking station, ammo, scrap and stash.
justinV.-yd1fb: I personally like to swap out the cards on the fly

Jun 10 2024

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