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5 Reward Vendors You May Not Know About! - Fallout 76

MrWestTek: Great video! Wish I thought to do a video on all of them
BobBuffum: Completing Nuka-World events give you tickets that can be redeemed for items and plans. Great video! It's hard to come up with something new, and I haven't seen one on this subject before.
genghisken0181: You have this extremely precise way about presenting your information without being boring or patronizing us. Your videos are informative and a pleasure to watch, thank you for this work you do! Also i hope you were able to get that pink bundle in the atom shop, seems right up your alley. :-)
rndmRacing: What's the name of the song?
AlanAxiiom: 500 hours in the game. I thought there's no way you'll have a vendor I don't know about and you proved me wrong immediatley with the relay tower. hahahh. Thank you! :D
Lesanthosxia: Tip on Dross Toss: you can actually go next to the loops and toss it in while standing next to it.
darthj_der7447: You can also turn in technical data at camp venture if you dont wana travel all the way to Fort Atlas. Great video. I didnt know what to do with the tokens or the pleasant valley tickets. Thanks!!
caspianfadelty9729: You earned a sub i'm level 90 and i needed this !
iammrmenotu3997: Thanks I had no clue about the tokens. Great video
whitenailsnguitars: Learned a lot. Thank you!
capo697: Spending rhe claim tokens also helps with carry weight since they're so heavy

May 16 2024

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