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5 MUST HAVE Mutations in Fallout 76!

timchadd2865: I see people with every mutation and I’m like WHY?? Some are more favorable depending on your build while others are a negative depending on your build.
jerud6861: Here's the list:

1. Carnivore or Herbivore
2. Egg Head
3. Herd Mentality
4. Marsupial
5. Speed Demon
Krishnath.Dragon: I skipped the Carnivore/Herbivore mutation honestly. Primarily because I like to be able to have the bonuses from both kinds of food.

Also, Marsupial is kinda insane when you are in a team with other mutated players. In a full team of four other mutated players, my jump height i more than double what it is when I play solo. If you take this mutation I STRONGLY
WhiskeyTango0420: Bird Bones pairs nicely with Marsupial.
Enclavesolider: Pretty funny for me is that I have all of mutations in fallout 76 with perk cards on me
holyabood: about Herd mentality in game it says "when your teammates are nearby" not in team, is that means I must be in same area with them?
iamdarkbloom_: For those who are not aware, Speed Demon also has a hidden effect that players have been reporting (and confirmed). If more than one person is running it, it offers damage reduction as well. It isn't stated anywhere but has been tested and proven. It basically acts like Empath or Lone Wanderer. If you're going to run mutations, which you really should, at least use Speed Demon
TikiShootah: Sad none if the mutations favor full health builds. Also relax on the lie that (you'll be a team most times) in server where there maybe 10 ppl I assure you there's very few team. Even fewer that will keep u
jesterneb: I am going to use some of those. I would also add Healing Factor. It is great and don't have to carry a tone of Stims. I carry maybe 20 and that is mostly for healing other players.
aestevalis0: I run Carnivore, Speed Demon, Healing Factor, Grounded & Adrenal Reaction. I only have those last two so I have five mutations for the Mutant's legendary effect

May 15 2024

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