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2x Scrip Weekend- Fallout 76

gear302: Hard to get excited for the so called 2x events ... when they aren't 2x anything, they just double the cap of whatever resource it is per day. Any other game they double the amount you earn per action (money, exp, special currency, ect.) but in this game it basically does nothing for you. Maybe starting out, but later on it is hard to get excited about them. Bonus score is about the only one that matters.
pcgamingnerd9529: Making sure you don't get the freeze signing in thing huh?
loganedwards5701: Make secret service sets, all the non usable ate cheap scrip turn ins
poppinsmoke8769: Love this game but I work 12 hrs a day then gym 6 days a week. I got no time to grind. Double script is cool but for busy people like me I feel like they should do double the amount of script given per piece exchanged.
supremesoundz: Someone just passed off a lvl 50 3 star legend railway rifle. I added the automatic mod. I also see it’s shooting 10 per round. Which perk or level I need for it to shoot 40 as in yours?
genesix66: Was actually enjoying the game until I discovered how toxic the new influx of players are. None of the nuke launch guide mention other players can snipe your nuke.

May 13 2024

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