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What is happening to TRADING in ESO's next update: Gold Road [Update 42]

WyndStryke: Not bothered about store items expiring after 14 days, but the 14 day expiry on mail concerns me more. Pity they can't just be dropped into inventory or something like that.
LaNiBlackLight: My personal issue with that change, is that currently im in a military service, so I have sometimes unexpected abscences from the game, and while some can be just about a day, it also can go up a month or more. So it basically unsafe for me to sell my stuff anymore.
Now imagine people with harder jobs, that all they want is to chill after work-day in game sometimes
janschulte8434: If the majority of items are sold within a week how can the fraction of items that stay longer be such a burden for the server performance?
mrploxykun: Oh thank MaMommyGodAzura, someone explaining all these changes in a single bite-sized 6 minute vid. Much Confusion Saved ~
drackar: It's telling, to me, what this tells us about the Devs for this game. Specifically, that they don't actually play, or at least don't play enough to fully engage with the systems they are modifying. As is commonly discussed, high value low volume items take a while to shift, but also? Smaller guilds also have less exposure and often take longer to sell the same items, even at lower mark downs. I'm in a couple of middle of the road reasonably well placed guilds, but my main social guild tends to have a trader in a more remote area. Items placed in that remote trader for 20% less than the same item in the more popular locations can take significantly longer to move.

I've had stacks of gold mats sell on week three, before, in those remote traders, just as an example. I've had hundreds of thousands of gold from listings sitting in the 20-29 day range. Millions, over the time I've played this game.
crystallinecrow3365: I'm less concerned abt how this will impact my trading (as my personal experience matches the data cited by the devs) and way more concerned abt how this will impact me using my friends to abuse the mail system on behalf of my treasure map addiction
Jamesssssssssssssss: That's really interesting, wonder why listings and mail would take up that much more power if listed for half the time. I have yet to touch the trading system since I just play every once in a while and am focusing on doing the content in order.
leeprosser4682: This is just punishing people for going on vacation and not taking a gaming laptop with them. Now, instead of loading up all my traders before I go, I’ll be clearing the whole lot out
traybake1: i have not been doing my homework on upcoming changes so this was really helpful, thanks Arttea :)
user-me7iw6ft8z: I love how they are willing to do anything in their power to increase the server performance, except the one thing that would actually help
PlayJasch: Instead of working on the feature, God forbid improving it, they take the lazy route. Classic ZOS.
kn1ne: While it won’t impact me (I generally re-list even rare items after a week as the FOMO is higher on newly listed items) this sucks for more casual traders.

As for what this means for the economy, I honestly can’t tell if this will drive down prices with people trying for a faster sale or drive them up because less people are listing on traders.

May 09 2024

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